5 Reasons to Update Your Signage and Displays for Fall

It’s generally recommended to update your graphics, as well as your displays and signage, on a rotating basis.

1. Adjusting Your Color Palette and Motifs

Save blues and silvers for the winter season - warm colors like reds, oranges, yellows, and browns invoke fall. Gold accents can add a touch of elegance to your design. Fall motifs include leaves, pumpkins, and sunflowers.

This color palette will also help instantly grab people’s attention. Red is one of the most visible colors on the color spectrum, second only to yellow.

A fall tree pathway.

2. Cater to Fall Holidays and Events

Updating your displays and signage for the fall can cater to upcoming fall holidays and events. These can be pre-established fall holidays or for any specific company events occurring within the fall months.

You can receive custom signage for holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Dia de los Muertos, Veterans Day, and more. This can coincide with any holiday deals or offerings at your business.

3. Adds Versatility to Your Brand

By updating your signage and displays, you’ll highlight versatility and adaptability within your brand. This is essential in today’s branding landscape where change is constant and consumer preferences are rapidly evolving.

4. Inspires Creativity for New Media

Graphics are a key way to show your company’s creativity, especially at events and trade shows. From your official logo to your copywriting font, each aesthetic decision contributes to your overall brand image.

As a result, updating your displays and signage for the fall season can inspire creativity for new media, or even future custom printed displays. For example, you may find your custom printed banner would also look good as a custom printed flag or a canopy tent.

Feather flags.

5. Keeps Your Brand Image Up To Date

Outdated signage may give the impression that your business is behind on the current season and trends. In addition to updating your signage and displays for the fall, take a look at trending designs, fonts, and graphics to ensure your brand is fully up to date.

Besides, it gets boring seeing the same banner or display over and over again. Plus, banners or displays may get damaged, ripped, or dirtied after several uses, especially if poorly made.

How DG Creativ Can Help

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Our team specializes in portable trade show displays, backlit displays, yard signs, tent canopies, banners, and much more. DG Creativ makes sure clients receive both high quality and affordability with world-class customer service.

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